Welcome to SuperDogs Rescue, where compassion meets dedication. Our mission is both simple and profound: we are committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned dogs from Cyprus.

Changing lives forever. Theirs and yours!

Every dog at CyDRA has their own id card when they enter the shelter. Every card is on display in the office as a celebration of all the dogs that find new homes. 

Who We Are?

About SuperDogs

SuperDogs Rescue proudly aligns with the Cyprus Dogs Rehoming Association (CyDRA), a registered charitable non-profit organisation dedicated to making a significant difference in the lives of abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs in Cyprus. At the CyDRA sanctuary, they uphold a ‘no-kill’ policy, firmly standing against euthanasia and prioritising rehabilitation. They firmly believe that no case is hopeless, and every dog and cat deserves the chance to find a forever home filled with love and care. CyDRA only helps rescue and rehabilitate dogs in Cyprus and rely on rehoming organisations like SuperDogs Rescue to help their dogs find new homes in the UK.

Dogs available for adoption

Find your perfect match

Our dogs available for adoption are being updated all the time, so please keep checking back or contact us to find your perfect match.


We often rescue dogs that turn out to be pregnant, so we have puppies that have only ever known love and kindness. Take a look!


We have many dogs who were unfortunately abandoned because they weren't a cute little puppy anymore...

Adult dogs

Countless adult dogs are abandoned by hunters or families every year through no fault of their own. Might one be for you?


We rescue and promote dogs of all ages and these are our older dogs who just need somewhere warm and snug to call their own.

Long termers

Some of our dogs have been in the shelter too long. Help us get them off a concrete floor and into their own home.

Help us to make space to rescue another dog.

Whether you are interested in fostering or adopting from us, by helping us bring a dog from Cyprus to the UK, it opens up a space in the shelter for us to help another dog in need. Help us do more by choosing to adopt or foster a rescue.

Supporting SuperDogs Rescue

We rely on our amazing supporters and volunteers

SuperDogs Rescue is a nonprofit, all volunteer, animal rehoming organisation.  Both in Cyprus and the UK it’s only because of your amazing support that we can continue to help dogs in need.

Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that with the right support and care, every animal can overcome the challenges they’ve faced which is why we partner with CyDRA. CyDRA goes beyond being just a shelter; it’s a safe and welcoming space where dogs can learn to trust again, providing them with a second chance at a joyful life.

In our shared mission, SuperDogs Rescue is partnering with CyDRA to actively support and collaborate in raising funds for the sanctuary’s running costs and essential veterinary care. Together, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of these animals, ensuring they receive the care they need and deserve.

One of our core initiatives is facilitating the adoption of sanctuary dogs into loving forever homes. We firmly believe that a loving home is the key to healing, and through our joint efforts, we work towards finding the perfect match for both the animals and their adoptive families.

Our commitment expands beyond the sanctuary’s walls. When resources and funds permit, SuperDogs Rescue extends a helping hand to even more dogs and cats in need. Our goal is to create a ripple effect of compassion, reaching as many animals as possible and making a lasting difference in their lives.

Funded through donations

We are 100% funded by donations. If you can spare just £20 a month to support us it helps us to bring dogs into foster, support dogs in the UK and support Cydra in Cyprus.

Improving lives

All our dogs have been abandoned, abused or mistreated or have been born at the shelter. Life in a shelter is no life for a dog. We exist to improve the lives of as many dogs as we can.

Rehabilitation and care

Some of the dogs we rescue need significant medical care or help to be the best dog they can be. We are committed to helping our dogs feel safe and well.